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Danny Howard: Hero At Large
By Donna MacNaughton

Doing the right thing might make you a hero to some, but Danny Howard
doesn’t see himself that way. When he moves to Alberta from Ontario
with his father, they don’t have much, but they manage, and they get to
live in a tent for the summer. Danny makes friends easily at his new
school, and life is good—until he begins to draw fire from the school
bully. When Danny stands up for his friends, he faces some nasty
retaliation for it, but the final insult—being accused of stealing—is
almost too much. What’s the point of standing up for others if you just
get beaten down for it?  It takes every last bit of ingenuity that Danny has
to get himself out of the mess, and he learns that you don’t have to be a
hero—you just have to do the right thing.
Copyright 2008 Donna MacNaughton. All rights reserved. Site by Donna MacNaughton
Cover Illustration: Lorraine Spence
Cover Design: Iwaasa Industries, Lorraine Spence,
and Donna MacNaughton
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Danny Howard: Hero At Large
Danny Howard: Fostering Eli

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Cover Illustration: Lorraine Spence
Cover Design: Iwaasa Industries, Lorraine Spence,
and Donna MacNaughton
Danny Howard: Fostering Eli
By Donna MacNaughton

Something is wrong with Danny Howard’s social teacher,
and it doesn’t take long to figure out that the problem is
actually a someone—named Eli. A gum-cracking new
student who oozes bad attitude, Eli is in the foster system
and tries to distance himself from Danny and his friends.
But Danny recognizes the fear and loneliness in the new
kid that he himself tried to hide when he first moved to
Willington and keeps pushing until eventually Eli is just
one of the gang. As Danny gets to know Eli, he admits that
life at the foster home is pretty awful. Danny convinces his
dad that they should look into becoming a foster family
themselves so that Eli can live with them. Before that can
happen, Danny and Eli accidentally overhear his foster
parents talking and, incredibly, it sounds like they’re doing
something illegal. What are two twelve-year-old boys
supposed to do about something like that? Eli insists that
no one will believe him if he tries to report it, so Danny
convinces Eli that they have to figure out how to catch the
criminals themselves. Following a school field trip, Danny
comes up with an amazing idea to solve the problem, and
not wanting to be left out, the whole gang gets in on the
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