Danny Howard: Hero at Large. Danny moves from Ontario to Willington, Alberta with his father. They don’t
have very much but Danny knows it won’t always be that way. He starts at a new school with friends he
made over the summer and runs into the school bully, Matthew, almost immediately. Danny learns some
painful lessons about retaliation, and standing up for others.

The tension between the two boys continues to grow after Matthew accuses Danny of stealing. Learning
how Danny gets out of the mess that’s been created kept me turning the pages until the end. Donna has
done a wonderful job of capturing the everyday life of budding teenagers as they learn to cope with peer
pressure, doing the right thing, and life in general as they grow up in a small prairie town. Danny Howard:
Hero at Large is a great book.

Arlene Hammer, MLS
St. Joseph’s Collegiate
Brooks, Alberta
In her debut children’s novel, Danny Howard:  Hero at Large, Donna MacNaughton has created a warm,
loving character that the reader can’t help but cheer on!  You feel his ups and downs; his triumphs and
disappointments, and genuinely care about what happens to him.  Donna MacNaughton understands
friendship and family, drawing you into Danny’s world of school, home and relationships.  You feel as if you
are walking along side him, anticipating what is going to happen next. Young readers will connect with this
boy and his emotions, feeling like they have found a new friend.

The book also deals with morality and making moral decisions.  Ms. MacNaughton weaves roles of the
bully, the bullied, and the bystander into this wonderfully crafted story.  A must-read for upper elementary
classrooms which will surely spark great discussions with that age-old question, ‘What do you do when
someone keeps picking on you?’  A definite recommend as a class read-aloud or novel study.

Wonderful imagery throughout!  A great first novel!  Looking forward to the further adventures of Danny
Howard and friends!

Karen Bonora
Holy Family Academy
Reviews for Danny Howard: Hero At Large
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Reviews for Danny Howard: Fostering Eli
This book captured mine and my nine year olds attention immediately.  It's a book about strength,
friendship and tough decisions that we are all forced to make.  It is beautifully written with such detail that
we are left waiting for a second book to follow up with.

Tracey Kuffner
Author and Illustrator
“Isabelle’s Sheepdog” and “When Max Became a Mom”
Danny Howard feels at home in Willington at last. He has made good friends who are willing to
stand by him. So when Danny’s teacher asks him to help a new student, Eli, get around, he agrees
despite his initial impression and his friends are right there with him. As Danny gets to know Eli
better, he begins to feel bad about the foster home Eli has to live in. The adventures begin as
Danny learns how difficult it can be to support a friend and still do the right thing.

Danny Howard: Fostering Eli is a well-paced novel that keeps the reader turning the pages as
Danny and his friends go from one adventure to the next. Danny demonstrates maturity as he
copes with old bullies, yet he still has lessons to learn about how far to let loyalty take him as he
finds himself in a far more serious predicament. His conscience doesn’t let him forget that he’s
walking a fine line between loyalty to Eli and honesty with his father. A great story!

Arlene Hammer, MLS
St. Joseph’s Collegiate
Brooks, Alberta

Donna MacNaughton has done it again!  She has us cheering for her young hero, who has been
forced into agonizing moral dilemmas and tough friendship issues, in her second novel, “Danny
Howard:  Fostering Eli”.  Readers are once again able to connect with this boy as he ponders right
vs. wrong; honesty vs. dishonesty; and learning to enjoy a new friend, only to have him move away
after having done everything to make him want to stay.  One can’t help but want a friend like Danny
In this continuing story, Ms. MacNaughton further explores the relationship between Danny and his
father.  The reader is drawn into this young boy’s life with his single dad, as they struggle with their
day-to-day life, yet constantly seek to help others.  In doing this, they teach us all valuable life
lessons, one being – ‘it is in giving that we truly receive’.
Donna MacNaughton leaves us with wanting to be an integral part of Danny’s life, hoping to have
more adventures with him and his friends.

Karen Bonora
Holy Family Academy

What do teachers (and students) say about Donna MacNaughton's Presentations and Writing
Recently we had author Donna MacNaughton visit our school to give a presentation on her latest
book “Danny Howard: Hero At Large”.  Donna has the talent of being able to hold the attention of a
gym full of students as she described not only the plot of her book but also the writing process.
Our students sat enthralled as Donna took us through the many steps of what writing a book
looks like.  Her enthusiasm and love for the written word shined through as she presented her

We were thrilled to have Donna come; she was an added bonus to our school day.

Kay Ellis
Prairieview Elementary
Donna MacNaughton presented her writing workshop to my Grade 5 class.  She engaged the
students in thinking about ideas and then led them through a writing process that was both
effective and fun!  The students appreciated learning how to write from a published author.  As a
teacher, I was left with new ideas for me to use in my writing instruction as well.  

Mike Fleck
Gr. 5 Teacher
Holy Family Academy

“Mrs. MacNaughton’s writing presentation was truly enjoyable, motivating (& economical)!”
“Appreciated the opportunity for students to purchase books after the presentation.”
“Mrs. MacNaughton’s stories and her presentation were enjoyed by students in grade 1 all the way
to grade 6!”
What the kids say (Youngstown School):

“In Mrs. MacNaughton’s presentation, I learned how good authors use showing instead of telling.”

“Writes good books!”

“Creates suspense!”

“I like how Mrs. MacNaughton uses realistic problems for her characters to solve.”

“Mrs. MacNaughton’s characters are not superheroes, they are regular kids.”

“I learned how to use descriptive words and actions to show different moods.”

“Thank you for the bookmarks for each kid!”